Here at DNA Real Estate, the name of our company reveals who we are and the values that we possess.  Like many professionals, we possess the knowledge and background that allow us to succeed, but it is our collective experiences that have allowed us to develop into one of South Florida’s premier real estate companies.

We strive to establish a solid, prosperous binding connections between our clients and the real estate market of South Florida.  Identification of the best opportunities on an ongoing basis in an evolving market defines our purpose and goals. 

Any successful real estate investment strategy begins with a company that possesses the specialized knowledge needed to duplicate the same success over and over while adapting to market conditions.  In particular, we specialize in purchasing distressed and vacant home as an income producing investment or as a moneymakers ARV(after repair value.)  This is where we have found success for our clients. 

We are overseeing and introduced to hundreds of opportunities every week by our affiliates and by using our unique acquisition methods that we have developed.  Our mission is to help our clients to understand and identify the right piece of real estate that will match his/her investment DNA.  Since networking is an integral part of real estate investing, we are always aiming towards the expansion of our network that is constantly growing with everyday that passes by.

DNA Real Estate was established by Aviram (“Avi”) Amir and Yedida (“Didi”) Siani.  Didi & Avi  are licensed real estate agents in the State of Florida, with vast knowledge and experience in South Florida’s real estate market.  Both Didi and Avi have gained major experience in real estate investing in a variety of fields.

Aviram (“Avi”) Amir
Avi achieved great success in the restaurant business for 15 years.  Avi developed and established 7 restaurant/cafes in the name of “Aroma Espresso Bar”.  His development of Aroma in various locations in South Florida has allowed him to gain vast experience and knowledge in the commercial real estate industry.  Avi was responsible for choosing the right locations, knowing the “key” players in the market, negotiating lease agreements, supervising construction, and monitoring the daily operations of over 120 employees.  Avi sold the chain of Aroma Espresso Bars in 2012, and since then he has been focusing all of his energy investing in  the residential real estate market of South Florida.

Didi Siani
Didi Siani has more than 7 years of accomplishment in business development and start-up.
In the year of 2005 Didi earn her diploma in capital market trading and in 2006 accomplished her studies in International trading from Holon technological university.
In the age of 21 she started her business "Chicagoland Carpet Cleaners INC" located in Chicago,IL. Chicagoland Carpet Cleaners Inc developed long term business relationship with most Chicago’s buildings including the famous Water Tower, John Hancock building, Marine City and more.
With verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit, and business growth Didi confident with her ability to leverage her entrepreneurial background, marketing, design and her record running a successful business into the Real estate investment world. To pursue her passion to Real Estate Didi moved to South Florida in 2011 and currently living in Boca Raton,FL